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Tax consultancy

We answer tax questions of companies and private persons in connection with regular business transactions.

Tax expert services and tax planning

As tax expert we take part preparing strategic business decisions of the company, analyze tax conditions of business transactions and work out alternatives.

We interpret and apply for the given case the current national law the double taxation treaties and other legislations that can influence tax obligations of non-residents in Hungary.

International business planning

We give advises regarding cross border transactions of private persons and companies, to foundation, buying up and reorganization of companies, branches and groups.

We size up tax consequences of different constitutional, direction, holding and financing structures.

Management Consulting Services and Accountancy

We make business plans, cash flows both for ongoing concerns and for concrete projects, furthermore other business reports or develop report systems.

We support the company with analyzing and making use of accounting information. We undertake full or partial due diligence audit of company and/or preparation of company for control (audit, tax authority, etc.)

Accounting regulations and TPD

We help to develop and customize the financial and accounting systems for companies and make the accounting regulations.

We make transfer pricing documentations according to the Hungarian corporate tax law, respectively we support this progress.

System development

While developing accounting and other administrative, recording systems we size up and put together accounting and economical information requirements for IT.


We give you the opportunity to have consultations in special questions.